To build a community center that will ignite opportunity, increase empowerment and strengthen families through a relationship with Jesus Christ.
To give hope and a future through a relationship with Jesus Christ, to at-risk and exploited children in the Philippines.

To accomplish this vision, we will work closely with reputable organizations to bring awareness, prevention and healing.
Redeeming Zoe became an official non-profit and registered with the IRS in November of 2016. Hillary, co-founder, and Becca, co-founder, packed every thing they owned in two suitcases to move to the Philippines in 2014 to work in an orphanage. Working in the orphanage with seven amazing children, changed their life forever. The culture, food and language were exciting and they quickly fell in love with the Philippines. 

Aside from working in the orphanage, they saw many different things first hand. They saw children having to beg for food and money in order to meet certain quotas. They saw young ladies being transported by boat to be sexually trafficked. There was a child that they worked with, alongside another ministry,​who had been sold to a neighbor and had to do terrible things. If the child would not comply to what the neighbor asked of her, she was beaten profusely. Seeing these situations take place, sitting back and doing nothing was not an option for Redeeming Zoe. A vision and plan began to form. 

As Redeeming Zoe researched, they realized that there was so much more evil to what they had already seen first hand. Did you know that 2600 cases of cybersex each month have been reported from the U.S. alone? It was shocking to know that it is currently something that cannot be traced easily in the Philippines due to the use of a pocket wifi. When a pocket wifi is used, the internet uses cell service which gives a different I.P. address each time it is in use. 

Redeeming Zoe is committed to being a solution to the problem. We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the solution. In addition to the gospel, we will provide opportunities for communities, families and children to strengthen in development. It is the utmost importance to provide services that will prevent and put a stop to this evil. Awareness is important. Prevention is the goal. Healing is necessary.  Redeeming Zoe will join forces with International Justice Mission (IJM) and other reputable organizations to eradicate child exploitation. 

Focusing on prevention sets us apart, as there is not an organization in the Philippines that is solely focused on this segment. With our ministry, there is great potential for great impact. Think about it! There are more children who are at-risk and needing to be rescued, than there are those being rescued. Currently the only rescues for cybersex are because of tips from neighbors and community members. Redeeming Zoe is certain that focusing on awareness and prevention is the missing key to the locked chains of exploitation. 


“Among the main causes of child trafficking in the Philippines are poverty, low economic development in communities of origin,
gender inequalities, limited employment opportunities, existence of and access to public infrastructure
(roads, schools, health centers, etc.), large family sizes, inadequate awareness among families, and sex tourism.”   -UNICEF

Awareness​​​is important
Prevention is the goal
Healing is necessary
We want children and families to know what constitutes human trafficking and exploitation. We want to be a resource for schools, churches and other non-profit organizations. It is important to us that children hear about internet safety, and what to look for when recruiters are on the prowl. We want to give children and their family, Godly and practical ways to avoid being lured in to this devastating industry.
We will offer Christ-centered programs that focus on strengthening families and decreasing vulnerabilities of exploitation. We believe that attacking the root and adding to the solution are key components to seeing exploitation cease! Programs include but are not limited to: discipleship groups; budgeting and saving classes; sewing; tutoring for children; typing; building a resume and interview coaching. 
The reality is, 26% of victims stuck in human trafficking, are children. John 10:10 says the enemy’s goal is to steal, kill and destroy. Christ’s goal and desire for everyone is to give them abundant “Zoe” life! 
On a case by case basis, Redeeming Zoe will assist with after care services. It is our long term goal to hire a full time counselor so that victims of this evil can find healing with out monetary cost!