The Problem
Online Sexual Exploitation of Children (OSEC)
Also commonly known as cyber trafficking or cyber crimes against children.

        What is OSEC?

The production for the purpose of online publication, of visual or audio depictions (e.g., photos, videos, live streaming) of the sexual abuse or exploitation of a minor for a third party who is not in the physical presence of the victim.

        How does OSEC happen?

OSEC happens when people, oftentimes family members, realize how much 
money they can make.  They believe the lie of “no one is physically touching my child, so it’s not wrong.” OSEC involves perpetrators, local and abroad. The local perpetrator gets paid and arranges the event.  The global perpetrator pays the local and requests certain sexual acts from the child.

        Who is involved in OSEC?

Suppliers and customers. The supplier provides children to be sexually abused online.  They typically live locally in the Philippines and are often parents, family members, or neighbors. The customer purchases child sexual abuse or child pornography online. They typically live abroad and are often foreigners.

        Where is OSEC happening?

Cases of OSEC have been reported in the Philippines as well as in Thailand, the United States, Columbia, Mexico, and India. As of May 2018, IJM has supported local law enforcement agencies in operations leading to the arrest of 134 OSEC perpetrators and the rescue of 310 victims around the country since 2011. While OSEC is happening in the Philippines, it is a global problem.

The scary reality

Filipino children are in danger of being sexually abused online.
of OSEC perpetrators are the child's parents, relatives or neighbors.
The Solution
Redeeming Zoe is committed to being a part of the solution! Over the next five years we will be working on building a community center that offers many resources such as life skills training, counseling services, education and awareness of exploitation. 

As we begin, RZ will adopt a community within Cebu City, Philippines. We will strategically partner with local churches and schools and provide ways to strengthen the community as a whole. 

As we develop relationships with the community, we will then seek to provide events and opportunities to strengthen the family system. 

The goal is prevention. You can’t prevent with out being aware of the problem. We want kids to know that exploitation is not okay! We want kids to walk in the hope and future that God has given them.